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Home / News / Solent Rally 23
Home / News / Solent Rally 23

Solent Rally 23

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Published 01:00 on 8 Jul 2023

This Summer's Solent rally saw a good fleet from Brighton visiting Yarmouth, Lymington, Cowes, Swanwick, and Chichester.. We found some wonderful familiar havens and hostelries - and even found some new ones!

The following courtesy of Chat GPT!


In the Solent's embrace, where the waves dance free, A boat rally gathered, a sight to see. With winds from the west, fierce and untamed, Their spirits unyielding, their hearts untamed.

Scorpio, a vessel strong and bold, With prowess and grace, it proudly rolled. Silver Fox, swift and sleek in its flight, Cutting through waves, a beacon of light.

Zest, a boat alive with vibrant zest, Bursting with energy, on the water's crest. Olive Oyl, slender and true in its form, Nurtured by the winds, weathered by the storm.

Hone Rua, with fiery spirit ablaze, Navigating through the Solent's maze. Andiamo, the Italian beauty it wore, Sailing with passion, forever to explore.

Joya, a gem shining bright on the sea, With joyous souls aboard, sailing carefree. Together they ventured, an adventurous band, Bound by their love for the sea and the land.

In the face of the winds, they did not falter, Their sails unfurled, their spirits to alter. Taming the currents, embracing the breeze, They sailed as one, with the waves as their keys.

Through sunlit days and starlit nights, They charted a course, seeking new heights. With each gust of wind, their souls took flight, A symphony of boats, a harmonious sight.

The Solent bore witness to their vibrant array, As they sailed and weaved, in the salt-laden spray. With the winds as their guide, they journeyed on, Bound by a passion that could never be gone.

And as the rally unfolded, their bonds grew strong, Friendships formed, and memories belonged. For in the heart of adventure, they found their kin, A shared love for sailing, a bond deep within.

So let the winds carry their tale far and wide, Of the boat rally in the Solent's wild ride. Scorpio, Silver Fox, Zest, and the rest, Sailing together, on a journey that's blessed.

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