Racing is a great way to improve your sailing skills, make more use of your boat and meet new friends with the social life that goes with sailing.

You don’t need a sophisticated racing boat. Many of the boats racing are standard cruisers and we have races specifically for those with limited experience.

The basic rules are easy to master and beware…the challenge of trying to make you boat perform better than the next is addictive!…so why not give it go?


We can help in a number of ways:

1. One of our experienced members will be happy to chat, answer your questions and help you to get started. Contact and ask to be put in touch.

2. Probably the best way to get involved is to come along to CLUB CLASS, with or without your boat. Club Class is our in-house structured introduction to racing for potential skippers and crew, it’s held over 5 Saturday mornings in the spring and autumn and is a great way to learn to race as well as meet up with potential crew.

3. We can put you in touch with someone experienced who will ‘mentor’ you, giving you help and advice, if you wish, join you on your first race or two.

4. We can allocate you a ‘NHC handicap number’ (National Handicap for Cruisers) which will take in to account your boat performance, and your experience, and will enable you to start competing.


You should check your insurance to include club racing. Also check your safety equipment complies with the BMYC Safety Regulations (it probably does).

Read the Notice of Race (NOR) to confirm when, what time, and where. The Sailing Instructions (Sis) provides an overview of our competition rules, they might appear daunting but just ask and we can help.

As you gain experience you might want to spend a little time brushing up on the Racing Rules of Sailing. The key rules to observe are ‘when boats meet’, these are not very different to the ‘Colregs’ and again just ask…

And if not already a member, please join the Club!


So what’s stopping you?


Interested in Crewing..?

If you’re interested in taking part in the racing as a member of a boat’s crew you are very welcome to join us…

We race almost every Sunday morning throughout the year, and one evening each week between April and August; invariably there will be at least one boat looking for crew who will be pleased to have you on board.

So, if you have some experience, just turn up about 75 minutes before racing (check times on the website), ask at the bar for the Race Officer, and almost certainly you will get a sail.

Also check the BMYC Members Facebook page for boats looking for crews.


The best way to try racing without commitment, whether you are a beginner, or have some experience and looking to improve, is to join our yacht racing introduction, Club Class, and introduce yourself to the people who organise racing at BMYC.


Any queries? Contact our race committee and we’ll get back to you…


We look forward to seeing you on the water..!


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