BMYC is a members club, run by its members for its members.

The volunteer Board of directors and the various committees arrange for the running of the Club, with the assistance of our Steward and Club Manager. We seek to ensure the health and safety of our members and visitors, as well as their enjoyment of the club premises.

So we have a few rules that we ask you to observe:


Visitors Should Sign In

Visitors and potential members are always welcome and we ask you to sign the visitor book and while within the Club to abide by the same rules as our members.  After four visits we encourage you to take up membership.  Membership details are available from the bar staff, or the membership page of our website

No Smoking or Vaping

Smoking is prohibited within the building by UK law and we do not allow ‘vaping’ within the Club either.  A dedicated smoking and vaping area is available on the deck.  Please use the designated areas, and the ashtrays provided.  Please do not smoke/vape immediately outside any of the doors nor allow your smoke/vapour to enter the clubhouse in any way. Anyone seen flicking butts on the deck or in the marina waters will be ‘asked’ to make a £10 donation to the RNLI fund.

Please Respect Our Dress Code

Please dress respectfully within the Club, i.e. no bare chests or revealing clothing.  We do not wear hats indoors.  Wet weather gear is designed for outdoors, so please use the entrance corridor or toilets to change before entering the Club areas.

Keep Noise Down and Good Neighbourliness Up

We are located within a busy marina, with neighbours on boats and in the surrounding flats.  Please leave the Club quietly at all times.  Whilst on the exterior deck area please also be considerate of disturbing our neighbours

Enjoy Using A Real Glass – But Be Safe

Please do not remove glasses, mugs or crockery from the Club House.  If you wish to take drinks away ask the bar staff for a suitable container.  If you do drop/break something, please report it to the bar staff so it can be cleared up promptly.

Take Reasonable Care Of Our Furniture

We have designated areas within the Club rooms for eating, drinking and lounging; these are to ensure our furniture does not get damaged with food or drink, and to allow other visitors to eat, drink or relax in comfort.  Please treat the furniture as you would at home, this Club is YOURS.

Keep Dogs Under Control

We like dogs and their owners, but it goes without saying that dogs are your responsibility within the Club.  Dogs MUST be kept on their lead at all times; if the Club is busy you may be asked to tie your dog up using the galvanized rings on the decking.  Water bowls are available from the bar to be used outside. Anyone whose dog fouls the club, this includes the outside decking area, will be ‘asked’ to make a £10 donation to the RNLI fund and they must clean up the mess immediately and thoroughly. Barking will not be tolerated.

Ensure Access for All

The entrances, doorways and access ramps to the Club should be kept clear at all times.  If you require assistance getting into, or out of, the Club please call ahead for assistance.

Bags and Luggage

Stow sailing bags considerately

We have a shelving area for bags within the Club and also on the deck.  Please use these and do not allow your bags to block entrances, exits or spread over the floor. Equipment, such as sails, boat parts or bicycles, should not be brought into the Club House.


We provide wireless internet access free to our members and guests – users can get a temporary password from the bar. Unfortunately in this new world of ’hacking’ we need to ensure the security of our network and our members devices – We restrict bandwidth to allow all users to have a reasonable level of service for email and web browsing.  Any user attempting to download large files or access inappropriate websites may find access denied. The Club House is for members to relax and enjoy themselves, not a mobile office, so we would ask that members do not bring their work to the Club House and allow others to enjoy their time off away from work.


Rudeness is not acceptable, for any reason, and the bar staff or any member may ask you to leave if they find you being inappropriate in use of language or behaviour. They will have the full backing of the Board.


We thank you for using the Club. If you have any comments to make about the way we run it then please feel free to approach one of the bar or galley staff, or send an email direct to