Racing Rules of Sailing (Rule 4) explains that it is the skipper’s responsibility to decide on whether, or not, to put to sea; BMYC Safety Regulations requires that the Person-in-Charge must assess prevailing conditions and experience of the crew.

It is stressed that Competing owners and crews are expected to observe and embrace the provisions of BMYC Safety Regulations.

The only circumstances in which a race will be postponed or abandoned are:

(i) when the Race Officer is unable to manage a race on grounds of safety or impartiality – generally, such a decision is made on the day of the race;


(ii) the Organising Authority may Postpone or Abandon a race before the scheduled start time if, for instance, weather conditions render it unsafe to attempt to travel to the Clubhouse, or other major circumstances outside of the club’s control dictate it unsafe, or not feasible, to run a race.


Sign-On and Start Times

Time and dates published in the live Race Calendar and the notice of Race are maintained accurate; information may be subject to change without notice.

Dates of races published in the downloadable BMYC Race Calendar and Racing Events documents may change without notice and without correction to information contained the these documents.

The Notice of Race for each Series states the Sign-On period and Start Time aligned to each race. Competitors are urged to confirm times via the Notice of Race and to ensure the boat is berthed in sufficient water to make passage to the start area.

The Race Officer must be afforded clear opportunity to maintain impartiality at all times – Competitors are reminded not to lobby the Race Officer, albeit to postpone the start of a race or for any other purpose which may be deemed to challenge impartiality of race management.