What’s in it for you – the cruiser owner, wanting to go sailing in company..?

From time of its inauguration, Cruising has been synonymous with Brighton Marina Yacht Club, associating owners of motor boats, yachts and any other persons in pursuit of a common interest.

The Club quickly earned a reputation for its successes in Racing exploits, many competitors coming from a Cruising background; the success of the racing section works to the benefit of “the cruisers” providing a wealth of sailing experience, both on and off the water; these skills, experience and knowledge are readily available to cruisers.

Sailing in the company of other yachts is a huge benefit; having others around when making a passage hugely increases safety for all, especially when crossing the channel.  The premise is taken from much larger events, one of the finest examples of a substantial rally being the Atlantic Race for Cruisers (ARC) which is only sustainable due to the many boats making the crossing in like-minded company of others.

Cruising in company provides focus on an event; you know the day(s), you have a plan and you are in the company of like-minded sailors to discuss the passage plan and share information.

If you should find you are short on crew there are always club members willing to crew for you – we do understand the owner and crew have to get to know one another first, so, we will be running events at the club house to meet up.

We hope the biggest attraction associated with cruising is the people, the places and the welcome we might expect; Sovereign Harbour, Newhaven, Arun and Sussex Yacht club/s will be delighted to welcome us, and that’s just for starters; our French cousins have a long tradition of entente cordiale, especially toward visiting UK sailors.

Let’s get out on the water and do the thing we love to do – go sailing.


Please check the latest cruising calendar and make a date in your diary