Race Committee

The rear commodore racing and a few Racing Members form the race committee; the Organising Authority under international rules responsible for promoting and management of yacht racing events at Brighton Marina Yacht Club:

Greg Driver  Rear-Commodore Racing
Neil Angel  Race Coaching
Paul Dupret  Protest/Redress Organiser
Janice Dykes  Club Class
Matthew Holmes  NHC Coordinator
Colin Scarff  Race Management
Alex Laurie
Tim Spafford
Pip Tyler

The Race Committee is charged with organising and managing all aspects of Club racing and co-operative racing events with other clubs; this includes:

  • Appointing Series Officers
  • Nominating Race Officers
  • Publishing Sailing instructions, Notices of Races, Safety Regulations, etc
  • Managing Time Correction Factors (TCF)
  • Racing Rules and Advice
  • Manage Protests and Requests for Redress
  • Manage Racing Assets

Other Racing Support Roles

Tim Spafford Cox (MV Admiral jack)
Malcolm Cook Boatman (MV Admiral Jack)
Kevin Ramsbottom Boatman/Cox (MV Admiral Jack)
Steve Trigwell Bosun