I’m really pleased that our sailing Events from July to date have proved popular with so many boats turning out for each event and I would now like to offer you all another opportunity to work on your competitiveness and improve your results.

We will take the next step toward a return to racing by running our Winter Series under slightly different rules in order to manage COVID-19 containment – as always, please see the Notice of Race for details. Prizes will be awarded for individual races of the Winter Series from the deck of the Clubhouse for the best daily, and the best series result.

Sadly, I believe we could still see a rise in COVID-19 cases alongside seasonal flu later this year and we must guard against a feeling that the crisis is over. With this in mind I urge you all to read, understand and take reasonable steps to comply with UK Government, RYA guidance and our revised procedures at all times when you are taking part in our sailing events.


Greg Driver

Rear Commodore Racing


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Online Entry and Payment – Longshore Events October 2020

Online Entry and Payment – Winter Series 2020