Current series officers

The current list of series officers is shown below. If you cannot perform the duties for any race of the series, please let the rear commodore racing know as soon as possible.

Series title Officer(s)
Frostbite Series 2018 Colin Scarff
Spring Series 2018 Paul Dupret
Club Class 2018 Janice Dykes
Regattas 2018 Alex Laurie
Coastal Series 2018 Matthew Holmes
Early Summer Series 2018 Alex Laurie
Offshore Series 2018 Colin Scarff
Pursuit Series 2018 Alex Laurie
Mid-Summer Series 2018 Steve Trigwell
Late Summer Series 2018 Greg Driver
Autumn Series 2018 Jennifer MacGregor
Winter Series 2018 TBA

Series officer duties

  • Circa one month in advance of the race, contact the designated Race Officer to remind them of the Date of their Race Officer Duty, ensure they are prepared and have sufficient crew to assist them: Min 3 persons total – Max 6 persons total.
  • On each day of racing, attend the yacht club about 2 hours before the start of the race to set-up the Sign-On Station and ensure the Race Officer is in attendance.
  • Brief the Race Officer with any information required to run the race and support the Race Officer whilst running Sign-On.
  • Check the course set by the race officer; ensure that it is of sufficient quality and complies with the advice in the race officer guidelines.
  • Sign the course when you have approved it.
  • Report any protests or requests for redress to the Race Committee Officer responsible immediately.  The Race Committee Officer responsible will arrange a hearing the same day.
  • Confirm the race results are correct before publication.
  • Confirm the series results are correct before publication.
  • Announce the race results and award any wine prizes.
  • Give out any notices about coming events e.g. Club Class.
  • If you are unable to attend the yacht club on the day of a race, arrange a surrogate to perform the above duties on your behalf.