Ocean Diver training

£215 + £10 per dive boat fees:

  • £160.00 payable at start of training this includes 6 months membership to Brighton Marina Yacht Club, Diving Manual, Workbook and Certification folder, use of scuba equipment, pool fees and air refills.
  • £55.00 BSAC Membership (annually), which includes 12 months subscription to ‘Scuba’ magazine, third party insurance, and support from BSAC HQ.

Brighton Marina Divers have a number of nationally qualified instructors ready and willing to train you in the ways of the sub-aqua force.

BSAC training courses are recognised throughout the world, and many of the standard procedures used by divers today were first introduced by the British Sub-Aqua Club.


The BSAC entry level qualification is called Ocean Diver and consists of lectures, pool sessions, swimming assessment, open water sessions and a theory assessment. Training takes place in a friendly atmosphere with students able to progress at their own pace rather than being fitted into a rigid timetable. Training starts in the pool and lecture room and when you are ready you can move on to putting your new skills into practice out at sea and qualify as a certified diver.

When you have successfully completed the course and obtained your BSAC Ocean Diver qualification, you will be able to dive in a club environment up to a maximum depth of 20m.

Scuba training at Brighton Marina Divers is available to anyone over the age of 14 and medically fit.


Other options

Diver training does not stop at Ocean Diver, as the club can train you through to Sports Diver, Dive Leader, and Advanced Diver qualifications.

For Sports Diver and Dive Leader courses please contact us.

You may just fancy a taster of SCUBA Diving before even considering undertaking training. If so why not get in touch with us and come and have a try-dive in a warm swimming pool with friendly instructors – take a look at our try-dive page for more information. It’s great fun!