Branding your boat

Bring the spirit of your boat to life with its own personal branding. Whether out on the water or in the marina make your boat stand out with a simple name style or full unique logo that is applied across the boat. Giant Arc Design can create the brand that you want from concept to production.


  • Boat graphics
  • Banners and spray dodgers
  • Sail and boom covers
  • Flags and burgees

Crew clothing

Your crew’s kit is also an important part of the overall branding, for a day’s sailing out on the water or one off regattas and events, create that team spirit!

  • Shirts, caps, sweat shirts, jackets, technical clothing and crew bags
  • Screen print or embroidery
  • Design and proofing
  • Recommending local suppliers at competitive prices

We offer package bundles of boat branding and crew clothing so give us a call and we can discuss what you and your boat need.

Giant Arc Design are a full branding agency based in Brighton. Call us on 0845 363 7170 or email

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